Interfaith Week


A partnership of

Holden Village &

Paths to Understanding


Theme: Us, Them and All: Weaving our Identities and Common Humanity within the Unity of Life


July 19 -24, 2020


Description: What do Abrahamic traditions teach about recognizing the humanity of people in other cultures or religions? Children are in still in cages, the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and institutional/structural racism are revealing even more starkly racial inequity, and vulnerable people are encouraged to risk themselves for the economy. We are having difficulty recognizing others as human. What do Abrahamic traditions have to offer to help us weave our identities, common humanity within the unity of life?

Holden Village and Paths to Understanding invite you to listen to our  and podcasts and art exploration with a Jewish and Muslim artist.


Pre-Recorded Programs

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An Introduction to Islamic Art 




The Blessing and Bane of Love of Our In-Group




 Humanity, Created In the Image of Holiness ‑  A Visual Art Biblical ‘Midrash’ Workshop


The Call to Be a Blessing to all Families, Cultures and Nations 




Human Beings within the Ecosystem



 Teaching Staff



The How and Why of Interfaith


Stories of Compassion, Forgiveness and Joint Action


The Latest News and Posts

Celebration of Groundbreaking of Mukilteo Mosque

The Muslim community was the target of dehumanization by some residents of Mukilteo. But the Muslim community held on to our constitutional values, members of the Jewish, Christian, Sikh, and many other community groups stood with them.

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