Wisdom from Our Neighborhood

Wisdom from Our Neighborhood is a conversation between people working for the common good. Activists from large cities to small towns, people working on racial and religious reconciliation, multifaith social service and advocacy agencies, and the inspiring stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things – together with their neighbors.

WFON is hosted by Paths to Understanding’s Executive Director Terry Kyllo with technical support by Ean Olsen.

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Human Beings within the Ecosystem

Collectively, human beings are creating the conditions of an unparalleled ecological crisis. We will explore the relationship between the human being, the earth and all of life, explore the scope of the challenges we face and what the Abrahamic Traditions might offer...

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The Blessing and Bane of Love of Our In-Group

In the book of Genesis God says, “It is not good for the human to be alone.” Human beings need relationships to survive and thrive. Yet love for our in-group can lead to suspicion and even violence toward different cultures or religions. We will explore some of the...

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