Bridging Bias and Building Unity Through Multi-Faith Peacemaking

Our Mission

Social change begins with local leadership. When leaders are equipped with knowledge, communication skills, and support networks, they can interrupt bias and hate in their communities

    • We bridge bias by countering disinformation and fear with facts, empathy, and personal relationships.


    • We build unity by bringing people from different wisdom traditions together around shared values.


    • We support social justice by teaching leaders, individuals, and groups how to be authentic allies and work together for social change.

What is a Wisdom Tradition?

A set of remembered stories, deep truths, practices, probing questions, and a capacity for self-critique exploring how human beings can live with meaning, community, and care for the earth. These include Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Indigenous, agnostic, atheist and humanist and many other traditions.  Communities of Wisdom: Local or regional groups gathered around a particular wisdom tradition.

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A Beautiful, Complicated Story

March 21, 2023

Saturday night my spouse and I were invited to the first of its kind gathering in Anacortes. The occasion was ancient: the Persian New Year Nowruz. It originated in the Zoroastrian tradition but is practiced my many traditions today. The couple who organized the gathering are Zoroastrian, although they grew up Muslim. They are the…

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