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We are active in our community. You are invited to join us and help support our cause.


Let's Go Together

We see the strength of what divides us. The anxiety about the things that cause many to withdraw from each other. At PTU we believe in the power of local, wide-spread, and face-to-face relationships. When people work together for the common good, publicly demonstrated solidarity brings us together. We are helping Christian communities to create these relationships and partnerships in towns, smaller cities, and exurban areas.

Contact us so we can partner with you to:

  • Teach an introductory course for people of all ages
  • Prepare you and other communities of wisdom to develop multi-faith partnerships
  • To create partnerships in your community

The Paths Network

We have our own private social engagement platform where people like you can engage with others who support our cause. We offer on-demand and live courses as well. Our signature course, The Practice of Authentic Allyship raises awareness and teaches skills for how to speak out against bias, counter misinformation, and stand in solidarity with marginalized groups. We partner with educators from diverse backgrounds who represent communities affected by bias and oppression. All our courses are offered on a sliding scale. Sign up today at The Paths Network.

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Virtual and In-Person Events

Experience is powerful. Encountering people from different wisdom communities can help us go deeper into our own tradition, while making meaningful connections with our neighbors. We can partner with you to create events in which wisdom communities discover common values, experience the beauty of our diversities, and honor our common humanity. Events, large or small, can be a springboard not only for relationships but for working toward the common good that benefits everyone.

Contact us to create an event together that inspires people to:

  • Build genuine relationships of respect between wisdom communities
  • Train wisdom communities to act for the common good
  • Counter dehumanization by standing together

Share Your Story

Have you attended a Paths to Understanding event? Did it change your perspective or your life in some way? Please share with us how so we can help more people like you on their path to understanding.

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