About Us

The Basics

Paths to Understanding is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization based in Washington State. Our tax identification number is 91-6085591

Our mission is to bridge bias and build unity through multi-faith peacemaking. We accomplish this by:

  • Telling inspiring stories. This includes sharing our stories as well as teaching and encouraging our community to share their stories. We learn best and remember more when we are taught through stories.
  • Leveraging media. We have our own private online community and learning platform for people like you to engage with others on this journey. We also have our own television show, Challenge 2.0 and our own podcast, Wisdom from our Neighborhoods.
  • Public events. We host virtual and in-person events to support our communities and partners.
  • Nurture relationships. We provide support to our members, communities, and partners to foster new relationships and ensure they are continuing to grow together for the common good.
  • Being proactive to counter dehumanization based on religion and work with our community and partners to ensure they have the tools they need

What We Believe

Each wisdom tradition provides us with strength, peace, and a sense of being connected with others. Connecting with other wisdom traditions, strengthens our commitment to our own beliefs and offers gifts that help us come together for the future of our communities and our planet.

The Foundation of Paths to Understanding

Our roots run deep in pioneering interfaith movements of the Pacific Northwest. Our founders, Rabbi Levine, Father Treacy and Pastor Rollander created the groundbreaking TV show Challenge which for 17 years aired interfaith conversations at prime time on KOMO TV. Rabbi Levine and Father Treacy also founded Camp Brotherhood, a retreat center that brought over 250,000 people from different wisdom traditions together into interfaith experience.

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Paths to Understanding Today

Our founders’ courage, compassion and hope is the foundation that Paths to Understanding is built upon. In 2019, the Treacy Levine Center merged with Neighbors in Faith, a program started by our Executive Director, Reverend Terry Kyllo. In response to rising incidences of anti-Muslim hate speech and violence, Neighbors in Faith events and leadership trainings counter misinformation and create dialogue between American Muslims and their neighbors. The program has reached more than 9000 people since 2015.

Today, Paths to Understanding partners with many local, regional and national multi-faith organizations, and with anti-racist and interfaith community groups. Inspired by our shared values and shared humanity, we work with people across religious, cultural, and ethnic lines toward a shared vision of a just and equitable society. We are just getting started!

Safety Statement

Paths to Understanding is committed to maintaining an environment free from all forms of coercion and harassment that adversely affect the lives of those who lead, work, partner or participate with us. We are committed to preventing and effectively responding to sexual harassment, including any form of harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Diversity Statement

Paths to Understanding seeks to bridge bias and build unity.

We value creating a diverse organization that provides equity, inclusion and access for all, regardless of:

  • faith or non-faith tradition
  • race, ethnicity or immigration status
  • gender identity or sexual orientation
  • age
  • socio-economic background and status
  • types, sizes and shapes of families
  • ableness, learning style or level of education