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Seventy percent of US citizens say they are anxious about the divisiveness in our country...

Increasing numbers of people of all ideologies support or are willing to engage in political violence. Some public leaders are actively sanctioning violence. Many in our community want to do something but don’t know what to do.

Wisdom communities like churches, mosques, and temples, and other community groups can make a difference by inviting neighbors to a Potluck for Democracy.

When people of diverse cultures, traditions, and identities gather together in public, people in the larger community breathe a sigh of relief. They begin to hope that we are not as divided as we feared and that we can relate to each other as human beings.


Who can host a potluck?

  • Individuals
  • Groups of Friends
  • Community Groups
  • Wisdom communities or Interfaith Groups

What do you need to get started?

  • A group of people ready to organize.
  • A date and time for your potluck.
  • A location to host your event.
  • The courage to gather with others!

What resources do we have?

Our Potluck for Democracy toolkit has everything you need to plan and host a successful potluck. When you download the toolkit you will find sample invitations, a suggested event agenda, tips for planning your event, and more!

Download Your Toolkit!

We have a complete toolkit and sample documents to help you successfully plan and host your Potluck for Democracy. Click below to gain access to all of our online and printable resources.

What are people saying about their Potluck experience?

"It was great to be in a room listening to so many different (and similar) stories. There is hope for our future together."


"I am very heartened to realize that there are so many people in our community who value bringing other faiths and cultures together and who are willing to participate."

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"I was nervous moving to this region as a queer person. Today I felt reminded that I am never the only one feeling nervous or unsafe. If I risk connecting across differences I will find more connection, safety, and beauty."


"I feel deep gratitude and have a full heart. By being open and sharing, it builds bridges with others."

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Join the Potluck for Democracy Network

We have three ways that you can join our national movement to build meaningful and lasting relationships across communities.

  1. Be an Implementer! Download our Potluck for Democracy Toolkit and plan our own gathering today.
  2. Be a Networker! Share this idea and resource with others in your region that can host their own event.
  3. Be a Co-Sponsor! Join us as an organizational sponsor of this work. Share your logo and support of this project helping us spread this work far and wide.

Share Your Potluck Stories

Have you had a Potluck for Democracy gathering? We want to hear from you!

Click the link below to share your stories and feedback.

We look forward to hearing your stories and having you as part of our national movement to build meaningful and lasting relationships across communities.

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