Go and Do Likewise – Following Jesus into our Common Humanity 

In his latest book, Paths to Understanding’s executive director, Reverend Terry Kyllo, tells the story of his journey out of white Christian Supremacy and responds to the question, “Is it okay for faithful Christians to be in relationship with other religious traditions?” 

In his decade-long work to counter dehumanization and encourage interfaith relationships, Rev. Kyllo realized that many Christians struggled to find their “Why” for knowing and partnering with other wisdom traditions. To make interfaith work possible, the Christian majority needs to discover their own tradition’s calling to recognize our common humanity. 

Rev. Kyllo writes:   


“I was born into White Christian Supremacy. But I was not born for it. You weren’t either. The Creator has more beautiful ways for us to live and is restoring what was taken from us. Jesus invites his followers to take the long, painful, joyous, and healing journey of daily baptism to find our identity among all the Creator’s children, all made in God’s image.”  

The book can be used as a study guide for Christian congregations or as a companion to Paths to Understanding’s corresponding course, Go and Do Likewise, which is available on demand on the Paths Network or in person by request.


Terry made an appearance on Challenge 2.0 to talk with Jeff Renner about Go And Do Likewise, and what the next steps are with Let's Go Together.


Terry Kyllo’s new book Go and Do Likewise: Following Jesus into our Common Humanity examines how Christianity can get off course and back on course by investigating deeply the sources of the Abrahamic tradition. It is my joy to highly recommend this book to any person of faith who is willing to actively work for more harmony and understanding in our troubled world. 

- Rev. Genjo Marinello, Abbot, Seattle Zen Temple 


Terry Kyllo’s interpretation of religious pluralism needs to be part of the religious education curriculum of local church communities.

- Paul O. Ingram, Professor Emeritus, Pacific Lutheran University