Community Wisdom

LGT 0224-11 Shelby Kyllo

Community wisdom is the foundation of PTU’s strategy for multi-cultural public partnerships, Let’s Go Together.

On May 16, the Skagit partnership’s first cohort of participants will share their experience and vision with the public. Please join us for this celebration of their first successes in building cross-cultural partnerships in Skagit County!

May 16 at 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon. You can register here.

You will hear people of diverse traditions share why they honor our common humanity. You will hear our program participants talk about how the Let’s Go Together partnership has begun transforming their relationships and their lives. Your presence will amplify their voices and show how many of us share this vision: We can rebuild trust in each other. If we gather all our community’s wisdom, we know how to do this. Many of us are willing to spend time and energy to make it happen.

Why does community wisdom matter?

A declining number of people trust that our institutions can work in our interest. According to the Pew Research Center, about 70% of Americans are also concerned with our lack of trust in each other.

The good news is that people are concerned.

The problem is: What can we do?

Many years ago, I was talking to Professor Patricia Killen. She had co-written a book on the religious culture of the Pacific Northwest. I asked, “What do leaders of wisdom traditions do when the majority of the larger culture doesn’t want to engage with us?”

She said, “Go deep into your tradition and listen deeply the larger culture. Prepare yourself for a time when your wisdom may be crucial for the thriving of the larger community.”

This is why I listened to so many leaders of diverse traditions and asked this question:

What strategy does your tradition offer to meet this crisis of trust?

Here is what I heard from people of many traditions:

  • We need to know each other across lines of difference
  • Do good with and for each other
  • Respect and honor one another in public

This is the Let’s Go Together strategy. See how we’ve been putting it into action – join us on May 16!