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Wisdom from Our Neighborhood is a conversation between people working for the common good. Activists from large cities to small towns, people working on racial and religious reconciliation, multifaith social service and advocacy agencies, and the inspiring stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things – together with their neighbors.

WFON is hosted by Paths to Understanding’s Executive Director Terry Kyllo with technical support by Ean Olsen.

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Why We Say What We Don’t Mean to Say

Why We Say What We Don’t Mean to Say

We have been formed by a status-keeping system in our nation. It has shaped much of how we see the world. It has formed our “common sense” in ways that make no sense at all.
But not only can we be formed, we can be re-formed to see our common humanity. This is painful work. Real growth always includes pain. This work will never end, as long as I live.
However, the work of living more fully into our stated ideals, into our common humanity and the future we can build together is also blessed and enjoyable work. As we break the mold we have been formed in, we find ourselves freer to move, to stretch, to relax.

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