Terry Kyllo

Terry Kyllo

Executive Director

The Rev. Terry Kyllo is a Christian pastor who strives to live by the core teachings of the Abrahamic Tradition:

  • Love God more than our tribe and tradition
  • Love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and
  • Manage economy equitably within the limits of the ecosystem

Terry is a Lutheran pastor serving as the Executive Director of Paths to Understanding (formerly the Treacy Levine Center). In 2015, Terry founded Neighbors in Faith to counter anti-Muslim bigotry. Neighbors in Faith is now a program of the Paths to Understanding.

He is the author of two books, Being Human and Apprenticeship. He was published by the Aspen Institute in their 2018 Pluralism in Peril Report and has been featured on Crosscut.com, KOMO TV, KOMO Radio, TriCity Herald, and appeared on the Challenge 2.0 TV Show.

Expertise: Dehumanization, Islamophobia Industry, Racism, Human Rights and Interfaith & Multi-faith Relationships.

Awards: Terry was the recipient of the Faith Action Network Interfaith Leadership Award in 2016, the Interfaith Leadership Award from the Muslim Association of Puget Sound in 2017, the Sultan and Saint Peace award in 2017and the Muslim Association of Puget Sound 2018 “Inbound Good” award for a non-Muslim who benefitted the Muslim Community, and the Called to Lead Award in 2018 from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

A graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Pacific Lutheran University he has been a pastor since 1991 and has served in partnership between Episcopalians and Lutherans since 2004.

Terry grew up in Lacrosse, WA. He grew up in a loving Lutheran family. He is deeply formed by the chronic illness of his mother, his work for a local farmer, and the Lutheran tradition.

He lives in Anacortes, WA with his spouse. They have two daughters and enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and playing with their dog Ginger.

Carla Penderock

Carla Penderock

Director of Contributor Relations

Carla is passionate about sharing stories that foster connections between people, cultures and with our environment.

Raised in Germany in a bi-national family, Carla’s curiosity about the diversity of human culture led her to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology. After studying abroad in South Africa, she continued to travel to the region as a grant writer in International Development Cooperation. Dismayed by the ongoing inequalities caused by Apartheid, yet also inspired by examples of cross-cultural friendship and reconciliation in South Africa, Carla wanted to understand more about how people who have been divided can come to understand and embrace one another and dismantle systems of oppression. This inquiry led to a training in Mediation and ongoing study of Compassionate Communication. 

Carla’s understanding of the relationship between compassion, insight, and communication continues to deepen through her study and practice of Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness. A firm believer in the need for holistic ways of living, healing, and relating to the world as a basis for peaceful and just communities, Carla spent her first months in Washington pursuing her passion for sustainable foodways. She completed an apprenticeship in organic farming on Tilth Alliance’s farm in Auburn, then worked as Community Outreach Coordinator for the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle. 

Carla continues to grow food in her backyard and loves cooking with friends. She is most happy outdoors and can be found backpacking, swimming, photographing, and generally in awe at the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth. 

Ean Olsen

Ean Olsen

Director of Operations

With passion and drive for improving social justice and environmental issues, Ean Olsen has worked in an activist role for over fifteen years.

His work includes political election campaigns such as the Mayor of Lynnwood in 2013 and the Snohomish County Executive in 2015. Both campaigns won against incumbents by a margin of at least fifteen percent. He has also worked for various non-profits such as Community 2 Community Development and Stilly-Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force.

Olsen specializes in creating platforms and strategy for the voices of the communities that need to be heard through various forms of media. His role with Paths to Understanding includes video production, community building, online promotion, and event coordination. Some examples include the television show Challenge 2.0, the Paths to Understanding Podcast, and Wisdom from our Neighborhood.

Olsen has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Anthropology from Western Washington University. During his enrollment at Edmonds College, he served as the Student Government President, authored the Student Sustainability fee that was unanimously passed by the Student Board of Governance. At WWU he served on the student senate and managed the Social Issues Resource Center and helped write the student legislative paper supporting same sex marriage which was made a federal law shortly after.

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