Anticipation and Exitement


After eighteen months of one-to-one conversations, group meetings, and many details the moment is here. Our first Let’s Go Together (LGT) gathering in Skagit county will take place on Thursday night!

We have over 30 groups and 70+ people registered to come.

I believe people in this nation are being tempted by a lie: That our identity can be reduced to our political party, that our humanity in each other’s eyes is dependent on our ideology or the political candidate we support. When we fall into this temptation, the normal debates over vision, values, and policy turn into polarization, dehumanization, and violence.

This is no way to live. It is no way to build a democracy with one another.

But we have many identities as human beings.

Inspired by people of many wisdom traditions, LGT activates these other identities and helps us to see each other as human. LGT’s three gatherings are designed with a human strategy: knowing, working with, and honoring one another in public.

We can’t fight Facebook with more Facebook and politics with more politics.

We counter this temptation with face to face, person to person, and group to group.

We can do this, together. We can see each other as human. We are better together.

That is not to say that it is easy. It will take courage and determination, and a leap of trust.

We ask our whole PTU community to send positive energy to each participant, community leader, PTU board member and staff who are courageous enough to gather with those different from them. We look forward to sharing how this week’s event goes and are grateful for all your support to help make this human strategy possible!

Photo by Josh Austin on Unsplash