Compassion Youth Program

By Sarah Rutherford

Compassion is an interfaith program developed and presented by the Center in collaboration with Voices of the Children.  Over an eight-month period, Skagit County teens from diverse faith traditions will participate in several workshops where they explore and share their own understandings of the theme of compassion.  Throughout history, art has been used as a medium for expressing spiritual belief; with the artistic expertise of Voices of the Children, teens will learn to express their interpretations of compassion through art.  Through curriculum developed by Treacy Levine Center board member, Sarah Rutherford, and VOC president, Aaron Wagner, teens will engage in dialogue that supports their own faith traditions and explores the common values of all faiths.

This project includes the following components:

  • Large and small group sessions of inter-faith dialogue led by Sarah Rutherford and VOC staff focused on each teen’s understanding of compassion
  • Art lessons teaching teens how to collaboratively create a mural
  • A mural, painted in downtown Mt. Vernon, where teens will share their new-found understanding with the wider community
  • The creation of a short film by producer and Treacy Levine Center board member Mel Damski documenting the project from start to finish
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