Grit, Guts, and Prayer


PTU is deepening its partnership with the Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement at Seattle University. We are looking forward to co-creating a series of events about how wisdom communities can strengthen democracy. More about that soon.

In my conversations with the center’s director Michael Trice the words “grit” and “guts” have come up. Michael has pointed out that if we are to keep our democracy strong, in the face of all the challenges to it, we are going to have to go deep into our traditions in ways not done for a while. He says that this is a time when we need grit and guts.

He’s right.

PTU is in the final stages of inviting people to the Let’s Go Together (LGT) multi-cultural partnership in Skagit County. So far we have about 50 people coming to our first event this month, people from many traditions, cultures, and life circumstances.

I want us to pause for a moment and consider the courage it will take for people to show up. In fact, I’m asking you to hold each of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Imagine the courage it will take to publicly meet with and honor people of different beliefs and life experiences, given

  • all the negative news we hear about each other
  • trauma many of us hold from generations of racism
  • trauma from personal life experiences of hate and discrimination
  • the fear of making a mistake and hurting someone because we haven’t learned to communicate across differences
  • the fear of trying to make a difference but failing.

It’s gonna take grit, guts, and prayer to make this happen.

The reason I am spending my days doing this is because I want to do what I can to strengthen our democracy, our communities, and our common humanity.

So please pray, send your thoughts and well wishes to the people who are considering coming to our LGT events in Skagit. Pray for them to have the grit and guts to show up. When they do, they will find others with courage – and have a great time together.