Hello Friends,

As we prepare to safely reopen Camp Korey this summer and serve our vulnerable children, we have worked with our Medical Advisory Board to develop new protocols and policies that meet Washington and County health guidelines. These guidelines will also help protect Father Treacy, Sister Emma and their guests.  Here are a few steps and changes we are proactively taking to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19 infections.

  • This summer, we are welcoming intact families and creating family pods.
  • We are requiring all staff with direct engagement with families to be vaccinated.  We will also regularly test staff.
  • We have provided all families with free Covid-19 testing kits and will screen camper families during our check in process.  We will also have daily check ins with our medical staff.
  • In addition to testing, we are following CDC guidelines in wearing masks while outdoors, practicing social distancing and eating out doors whenever possible.
  • We have shifted check in day to Sunday afternoons and families will leave on Thursday afternoon.
  • We are recommending vaccination to our camper families, but realize not every camper or family member will be vaccinated, so are maintaining precautions.

We need your help in following our policies.

  • Visitor Guidelines:
    • We need to restrict visitation hours during our check in process. No visitors will be allowed through the gate between 2:00 and 6:30 p.m. on Sundays.  Please ask any visitors to update their visitation schedules.
    • Visitors must use lower road and drive 5MPH while on the property.
    • Visitors must park at Father Treacy’s house.
    • Visits should be made inside Father Tracy’s residence, on the back porch or in the driveway.
    • All visitors must wear masks while outside of the house.

We are grateful for your support in helping to keep Camp Korey’s families safe, and appreciate your help in getting the word out to Father’s supporters.



CEO/Executive Director