Meditations by Father William Treacy


by Father William Treacy

With emphasizing togetherness, Father William Treacy brings his readers a collection of stories, encounters, introspections, philosophies, and meditations, which all emphasize brotherhood and appreciating the life we have.

Father Treacy has been influenced by many during his long life and wants to share his insights and experiences with every fellow person. He has been a priest for over 70 years, and over 50 of those years have been spent in inter-religious ministry. Being open to the world, and those within it, Father Treacy shares his faith and wisdom through his words and actions.

Having opened The Treacy-Levine Center (former Camp Brotherhood) 50 years ago with his long-time friend and colleague Rabbi Raphael Levine, this book displays where they found their inspiration to open a camp that celebrated inter-religious communication, which is a philosophy that Father Treacy continues to practice and uphold.

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