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The vast majority of people in this nation care about our neighbors, respect people’s rights, and long for a better world. This same majority feels like we are helpless to strengthen our democracy. But wait! We live in every neighborhood. We are the answer we have been looking for!

What if people in every neighborhood gathered for a simple meal, a potluck, gathering people of diverse traditions, cultures, life circumstances, and identities?

What would likely happen: Each person who participated would talk about their experience with 20 acquaintances. People who heard about this positive event would take a deep breath and realize that we can live together – and have a good time together.

Please share this video about PTU’s new offering, Potluck for Democracy.

If we ever wondered what interfaith or multi-faith work is for – this is it.


Download the Potluck for Democracy toolkit at https://www.PathsToUnderstanding.org/potluck