We have a vision.

We have a vision to respond to the loss of trust, sense of fear, and the hardening divisions we are experiencing:

In every town, city, and neighborhood, people of all faith traditions, cultures, and ethnicities are coming together regularly to

  • Eat, play, and share stories – Discovering the wisdom of each person’s tradition
  • Do a service project together – Making their hometown a better place for everyone;
  • Show up at public events together – So everyone can see that it’s possible and joyful to be in relationship with all neighbors.

Now imagine what happens when each participant shares their experience with 20 more people – at work, at school, on the golf course or at the local coffee shop.

We don’t think it’s effective fight Facebook with Facebook, media with media, debate with debate. People need to experience working for the common good with each other. People need to see that we can go into our neighborhoods and into our future together.

We believe that local, wide-spread face-to-face relationships, work of the common good, and public solidarity can help rebuild our trust in one another. We have communities of wisdom in every rural area, every town, in every neighborhood in towns and cities. The leaders of these communities are deeply concerned about what is happening in our society. They have the relationships and capacity to respond in their local community.

Responding to our crisis of trust and fear will not only benefit the society but also each community of wisdom as they explore their own tradition and find common purpose together.

We can see some of where this may take Paths to Understanding. We can see:

  • Creating a process of preparing communities of wisdom, starting with Christian communities, to find the motivation for this work in their own tradition
  • A state-wide speaking tour to publicize this vision
  • A training and support process for retired clergy of many traditions so they can prepare and accompany communities of wisdom for this work
  • Partnering with organizations across the nation for context specific work where they are
  • Partnering with organizations that do this kind of work around the world, learning and walking together.

We are preparing for all of this and more. But we are trying to prepare in the same way a surfer prepares for the next wave. You never know when the next wave will come or how big it will be. To catch that wave you need to practice your skills. To catch that wave you need to risk being on the water.

We are so deeply thankful that so many have contributed to our Spring Fundraiser so that we have what we need to catch the next wave. We are thankful for those who are doing this kind of work in their own community. We are thankful for the spiritual leaders who have helped to shape this vision.

I believe we can catch the next wave of hope and renewal for our communities and for our nation. Let’s go together!


Photo by Matt Paul Catalano on Unsplash