“I am a grandmother of ten grandkids and I want them to live in a world where we know about each other and aren’t afraid of each other. Doing interfaith work is one way that we can help that happen.“

Liz Gimmestad has been a friend of Paths to Understanding for many years, going back to our parent organizations, the Treacy Levine Center and Neighbors in Faith. The grandmother of ten is a go-getter with a big heart and strong values. We first met Liz back in 2015, when she helped start the Muslim-Christian friendship group All for Peace through her church in Lynnwood, Washington. The group was aware of the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and felt called to respond. But they didn’t have much experience in interfaith work. So they reached out to Paths to Understanding to learn more about Islamophobia and develop a plan for action in their community.

Watch our interview with Liz to learn more about her work with Paths to Understanding.