Join Us in Kirkland


On Thursday we will be at Kol Ami, a Center for Jewish Life starting about 4:45 PM.

We will have signs printed or you can bring signs of support for our Jewish neighbors.

We are doing this to offer our blessings for the celebration of Passover. In light of the increase in hate crimes against our Jewish neighbors and Antisemitic words by public leaders it is important to show up.

You can also show support by writing a brief note of support to the temple in your area.

There are many communities that are experiencing dehumanization and the resulting violence and fear of violence it creates. Each one is important. This week we will stand with our Jewish neighbors. They are important members of our community and deserve our support.

When I work to counter anti-Muslim bigotry, I am sometimes asked “Why aren’t you standing with other groups.” I always respond with this: “I have never had a person in another impacted community ask me that. I have never heard a Rabbi ask me that, or an LGBTQIA leader, or an Asian American leader ask me that. They know the specific knowledge necessary to counter any bigotry. They also know that the dehumanization of every group is connected. It is a part of a larger dynamic that diminishes peace for everyone.” I’ll give the same answer now.

We often look to the past to understand the present. That is good. Yet I feel something new is happening today. We are experiencing today an omnidirectional dehumanization, accelerated and amplified by media, social media, and our isolation from one another. Almost every community is experiencing this. Almost every community is feeling alone and unsupported. It is easy to withdraw.

This omnidirectional dehumanization is at a toxic level. I think many people sense this.

But we are not powerless. Even as our own group may be feeling the impact of this omnidirectional dehumanization, we must look both to our own needs and the needs of other groups.

Omnidirectional dehumanization is at a toxic level. But it withers away when we know each other, stand with each, and work together for the common good.

If you are free on Thursday starting about 4:45 PM, join us at Kol Ami at 308 Fourth Ave S, Kirkland, WA 98033 or find some other way to support our Jewish neighbors this week.

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