Yes You Can Be an Ally in Your Community with Paths to Understanding

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Our Mission at Paths to Understanding

We all have biases. But in times of anxiety and change, our negative biases can be amplified by intentional campaigns of dehumanization. This can lead to the breakdown of relationships and community spirit and even to an increase in violence. In response, Paths to Understanding bridges bias and builds unity.

Paths to Understanding is a 501(C)3 that works with local, regional, national, and international partners to help us recognize our common humanity and stand with and for each other.

When communities of wisdom stand together and stand up for each other it is a much-needed sign that we share common values, that our diverse perspectives are a strength, and that we can build a positive future together.

Our Strategy at Paths to Understanding

We focus our work through a three-part strategy:

  1. Share Inspiring Stories
  2. Nurture Relationships
  3. Work for the Common Good Together

We share inspiring stories through in-person events, videos, podcasts, and the written word. We nurture relationships through networking, creating initial encounters with people from other wisdom traditions, and facilitating partnerships. We work for the common good by training communities of wisdom to counter dehumanization, through allyship training, and though public engagement. We lead or participate in public events and media engagements in solidarity with communities that are being marginalized.

We encourage you to connect with us:

  • Join us in one of our courses on the Paths Network, and subscribe to our YouTube channel, podcast & newsletter
  • Invite us to engage with your community of wisdom
  • Collaborate with us to create a public event that bridges bias and builds unity

We look forward to learning with you and working for a more peaceful, unified, and beautiful future together!

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